Diverse group of students in classroom studying

English Language Instruction

English language classes support immigrant and refugee adults at all levels of English language proficiency as they gain skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classes integrate digital literacy, numeracy, and the soft skills needed for success in work and life. As students progress, they can choose to enter Basic Skills classes, Career Pathways programs, or the workforce. Click here to search for classes

Basic Skills

Students develop skills in language arts, math, science, social studies, and digital literacy. Depending on their goals and interests, they can proceed into GED Preparation or Adult Diploma classes. Click here to search for classes.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy/basic computer skills are integrated into all other services. Classes focusing on basic computer skills are also available, teaching topics like email, internet basics, and Microsoft Word. Click here for a full listing of classes.

Distance Learning

Many sites offer distance learning as a complement to other classes, helping students master skills and make progress more rapidly. Distance learning programs are available for English language learning, basic skills, GED preparation, digital literacy, and career readiness. Click here to search for classes.

GED Preparation/Adult Diploma

Classes help students prepare for their GED tests in language arts, math, social studies, and science. Students also have the option of earning the Minnesota Standard Adult Diploma, a competency based credential. Click here to search for classes.

Career Pathways/Job Skills

Career Pathways/Job Skills support adult learners preparing for meaningful employment. Over 35 specialized career pathways are offered in areas including computer skills, health care, construction, customer service, food service, mechanical/trades, transportation, and child care. Click here for a full listing of classes.

College Readiness

This program helps adult learners prepare to enter college, bypassing developmental education and insuring success. Both academic and college success abilities, such as study skills and time management, are provided. Navigators are available in some programs to help students apply for scholarships and financial aid. The College Readiness Academy serves adults of all ages who have a secondary credential but need support and skills to succeed in college. College Yes! serves recent St. Paul high school graduates who need to fine tune their skills. Both serve many first generation Americans. Click here for a full listing of classes.


Students prepare for their U.S. citizenship exam through classes that explore American history, government, the legal system, and other important principles of U.S. society.
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