SPCLC has developed a variety of marketing resources specifically for use by members of the Consortium. These are intended to assist you in the marketing and promotion efforts of your agency's ELL and GED classes. Feel free to use any of the items below.

If you have ideas of other resources that could be developed to assist Consortium member agencies in their marketing efforts, contact Tom Cytron-Hysom at thysom@real-time.com.


We ask each agency to incorporate the “Member of SPCLC” logo into its web site and use in other organizational marketing and promotion pieces (annual reports, newsletters, etc.) This will help strengthen the connection between member agencies and SPCLC, and build the SPCLC brand. The pdf Agency Web Sites provides suggesions on how to use the logo.

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Sample Banner

In 2013, exterior building banners were created for each agency to enhance street visibility and awareness of GED and ELL classes. Sample banners are below. If your agency is interested in ordering an additional banner, contact thysom@real-time.com

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ABE Flyer/Poster

This 8.5 x 11 promotional piece can be used as a flyer or as a poster to promote free GED and ELL classes for SPCLC member agencies, using the ABE Hotline contact information. You may download the poster here and print copies.

Please note that member-specific tear-off pads  (with the agency’s own contact information) were also developed. To learn more, thysom@real-time.com.

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Student Outreach Postcard

This postcard can be downloaded and printed and distributed in agency locations as well as community centers, libraries or other gathering spots of prospective students. Versions were developed with member-specific contact information. To learn more, contact thysom@real-time.com

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